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Our conference theme in 2020 was Igniting Fresh Ministry in Stagnant Places. The conference was held during the Exponential Pre conference session on March 2-3, 2020. Our speakers and topics included:

  • Dr. Ken Priddy: Igniting Real Hope for Stagnant Churches

  • Tom Harper: The Messy Challenge of Marketplace Ministry--Bringing Light into the Workplace

  • Dr. Winfield Bevins with Dr. Jay Moon: Entrepreneurial Church Planting--A Missional Approach to the Marketplace*

  • Dr. Jerry Rueb with Dr. Habmitu of Ethiopia, the President, and CEO of the Wholistic Church Transformational Network, and Pastor Dan Wendell, missions pastor and former US  diplomat in three countries:  Global Innovation--Kindling Fresh Hope in Needy Places

  • Dr. Jay Moon with Ben Penfold: Alternative Finacial Strategies for Planting and Sustaining Churches*

  • Dr. Gary McIntosh: The Ten Hats of a Pastor: Where Pastors of Growing Churches Invest Their Time

  • Billy McMahan: Igniting Hope Among Generation Z

  • Dr. Gordon Penfold with Jeff Logston, a Restart pastor: Restart--a Fresh Hope for the Church at the Corner of Dull and Discouraged (Breakout Session at Exponential only)*

* Breakout Sessions at Exponential

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