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David Dunaetz

General Editor

Asuza Pacific University

Kenneth Nehrbass

Book Review Editor

Liberty University

Hannah Jung

Assistant Editor

Asuza Pacific University


Moses Audi

Baptist Theological Seminary

Kaduna, Nigeria

Brent Burdick

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Alan McMahan

Biola University

The general editor is responsible for receiving all manuscripts submitted to the journal, selecting manuscripts that are within the scope of the journal for a full-peer review, assigning articles to reviewers, collecting and synthesizing the peer-reviews, and making a decision concerning the manuscript. This decision may be to reject the manuscript, to request the author to revise and resubmit the article, to conditionally accept the article with a list of issues that must be addressed, or to unconditionally accept the manuscript.


The editorial board members are responsible for reviewing articles as requested by the editor.


The assistant editor is responsible for the page layout and design of the journal.

Mountain Ridge


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